The J.N.A.V. Zephirah in Czernowitz and Frederik Grinberg

Frederik Grinberg, son of Isac Iacob and Rachel Lea Grünberg, was born as Frederic Grünberg in Czernowitz on 22.02.1938. Currently he is living, together with his wife, Liubov Medzhybovskaja-Grinberg, in modest circumstances in Germany. I’ve been visiting this couple, both of them doctors, several times and released an article (in German) on this meetings:

Frederik Grinberg und die J.N.A.V. Zephirah

I’ve taken notice of his biography by the article “Mein Leben im Ghetto und auf dem okkupierten Territorium”, released by the Project Group Migration – History from Mülheim an der Ruhr. Beside the different documents from WW2 and the original Star of David from the Czernowitz Ghetto, which I’ve photographed (see the above mentioned post), there were two impressive pictures, that – thanks to Peter, Eli, Irene and Mimi – we could identify as pictures from the years 1920 and 1938 of the J.N.A.V. Zephirah.

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

1938, row by row, from left to right: Prof. Baruch Schuller, Adv. Iosef Brender, Hans Blutstein, Dr. Ad. Kliegler, Mag. M. Geller, Dr. Ad. Ziller, Adv. L. Seidner, S. Weisselberger, Dr. Iak. Krell, Adv. Ch. Saller, Prof. I. Grünberg, Ing. D. Kronenfeld, S. Picker, Adv. Noe Lehrer, M. Schwarzkopf, Adv. I. Kirmayer, Max Reinstein, Prof. B. Eisenthal, Dr. Srul Osterer, Dr. Fr. Nasspreis, Bernh. Scherzer, Dr. Adele Fleischer, Salo Woraczek, Dr. L. Brenner, Osn. Osterer, Willy Kliegler, Eva Schieber Fiedler, Dr. Abr. Kaswan, Dr. Saul Klier, Isak Fernhof, L. Eifermann, Dr. Ulrich Schächter, Iosef Bickel, Dr. Hersch Lecker, Dr. Meinh. Roth, Dr. Paul Lessing, Adolf Feldmann, Adv. M. Schapira, Dr. L. Mader, Dr. Josef Thau, Dr. M. Wiesenthal, Dr. B. Kasvan, Dr. Bernh. Kahane, Sim. Rosenrauch, N. Linker, M. Weissmann, S. Habermann, Mend. Zucker, Adv. M. Abramovici, Calm. Katz, Ing. Isr. Stenzler, Dr. Fritz Wagschal, Ios. Kinsbrunner, Dr. Wilh. Stecher, Dr. Iacob Iekeles, Rudolf Katz, Dr. Iacob Geller, Dr. Bernh. Stecher, Dr. Leonh. Eckstein, Prof. Isr. Schleyer, Prof. Dav. Lesczer, Leo Wiener, Samuel Stieber, Dr. Benj. Lessner, Dr. Ios. Diwer, Dr. Sal. Harnik, Dr. Salo Krässel, Dr. Norbert Kiwe, Dr. Moriz Zalman, Karl Metsch, Dr. Samuel Hammer, Chaim Osterer, Dr. Emanul Wagner, Adv. Aron Hechtlinger, Dr. M. Diamant, Dr. Moses Bardich, Prof. Dr. S. Hornstein, Dr. Mar. Sommer, Dr. Ios. Kaufmann, Prof. M. Herbst, Prof. Teod. Kern, Dr. Isid. Kottlar, Dr. Mark. Krämer [Dr. Markus Kramer], Dr. Karl Hasko, Dr. S. Brettschneider, Dr. Wolf Herzberg, Dr. Iosef Sperber, Dr. Saul Geiger, Dr. Ad. Niederhofer, Dr. Herm. Ebner, Dr. Mos. Glaubach, Dr. Ios. Miseles, Dr. Mordko Rotfeld, Iakob Czaczkes, Mos. Seidmann, Adv. Iak. Hasenfratz, Iosef Kula, Adv. Israel Goldhagen, Abrah. Friedmann, Adv. Herm. Lifsches, Dr. Heinr. Kreisel, Dr. Wolf Riznik, Adv. Simon Stein, Osico Wolfshaut, Adv. Herm. Spasser, Adv. Laz. Fränkel, Adv. Er. Kupferberg, Adv. Izio Halpern, Adv. M. Hammer, Adv. Max Halpern, Mag. Ak. Finkental

I would be pleased to receive your comments, suggestions and questions! Edgar Hauster (

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Please identify this group!

Thanks to Peter R. Elbau the above photo has been identified as J.N.A.V. Zephirah in Czernowitz and Peter added the following photo from the year 1919:

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Happy New Year!

Karl Dvořák: Geschichte des k. und k. Infanterieregiments Erzherzog Eugen Nr. 41, III. Band (1888-1905), Czernowitz 1905

Posted by Edgar Hauster

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The Transfer – Deportation of Siret Jews

A few days ago, “The Jewish Files of Rădăuți” were released, a microcosm of the Jewish suffering in Romania: persecution, deportation, extermination.

Hanna Berger from Israel/USA directed my attention to Havah Ostfeld’s book “The Transfer”. It’s about the deportation of the Jews of Siret. The book, about 58 pages, is in Hebrew. Havah’s father and Hanna’s grandfather were brothers. Hanna ( is so generous to offer her assistance in translating this document. Thank you so much, Hanna!

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Czernowitz Secondary Schools 1924/25

Posted by Edgar Hauster, son of Julius Hauster (1912-2001), in the mid-twenties student at the L3 secondary school:

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Czernowitz Secondary Schools 1936

Posted by Edgar Hauster, son of Julius Hauster (1912-2001), in the mid-twenties student at the L3 secondary school:

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Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

Miriam Taylor wrote: “These are the volunteers who worked at the cemetery in 2009. The young woman speaking at the end, is Julia Myasyshcheva, the organizer of SVIT Ukraine.”

Christian Hermann published an remarkable article in the October 2009 edition of “Die Stimme”:

Edgar Hauster

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Holocaust under the Antonescu Regime

This is the documentary, released in 2009 by JCC Bucuresti, TVR and the “Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of Holocaust in Romania. The 140-min. movie, in Romanian/Russian language with English subtitles, covering the roots of the Romanian antisemitism, the death trains to Calarasi and Pudu Iloaiei, the Holocaust in Transnistria and the 1941 Iasi massacre, is impressive but harrowing at the same time.

I’ve edited a 5’23” clip, related to the fate of the Jewish population of Czernowitz and the role of Traian Popovici, in order to enable you to form an opinion. Click on the symbol for the movie clip!

For all of you, who would like to get a free copy of this documentary, please leave a comment and/or send me a mail, including your postal address, to my following mail address:

Edgar Hauster (

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Marriage in Ushpal

Best old picture I’ ve met. Where is Ushpal?

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Can you date this photo?

Found this interesting photo on LiveJournal — looks like late 19th century from the lack of buildings around the temple — any guesses? And, what kind of factory is that in the foreground?

You can click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

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