Virtual Sightseeing Flight Over Czernowitz

In May/June 2010 Julius Großmann from Heidelberg in Germany made a journey through Poland, Ukraine (including Czernowitz), Moldavia, Romania, Hungary and Austria. Nothing of note? Sure! It was a BIKE RIDE: 24 stages (Czernowitz = stage no. 6 on p. 17 – 24), cycling 3,600 kilometers with 23,000 metres in altitude. Incredible! His illustrated trip report (in German) is available for download here.

As an additional result of his journey, Julius compiled the existing Google Earth Czernowitz map with the 1907 street map of Czernowitz, available in our map section. A new mapping experience arose from this ingenious compilation process, so the new

Overlay Czernowitz 1907 Map

colorful, with wonderful 3-D effects and lots of clickable pictures is now online! Click here in order to download your Google Earth (kmz) file and open/run it with Google Earth. You will get map views as displayed below and you’ll be able to navigate, simulating a sightseeing flight over Czernowitz. Thank you, Julius, our “flight captain”!

For all Google Earth newcomers, please navigate as follows:

  1. Press “Shift” and “Page Down” or “Page Up” to adjust the viewing angle.
  2. Zoom in or out by pressing “+” or “-“.
  3. Turn left or right by pressing “Shift” and “Home” or “End”.
  4. Click on any picture dot in order to enlarge the pictures along the roads.
  5. Enjoy the sightseeing flight over Czernowitz!

Map Compilation: Google Earth + Bukovina 1910 – DOWNLOAD

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Uncle Moses in Czernowitz

In “today’s” (22.06.1932) edition of “Der Tag – The Day” we are reading as follows:

The American Star Guest Appearance of Morris Schwarz

In the Scala: On Monday, 27th of June and Tuesday, 28th of June.

After his enormous success in all major European cities, Morris Schwarz is scheduled to come to Czernowitz too. The announcement of this sensational guest appearance raised, as was expected, tremendous [kolossal/colossal] interest. The admission price is so low, that everybody is able to attend these two artistical shows. Tickets are available at the theatre and concert agency “Carmen-Sylva”.

Please enjoy the video clip of these actor in his movie Uncle Moses from the year 1932!

“Uncle Moses” from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.

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Srul Lichtman in Moghilev-Podolsk

Click on the pictures to enlarge!
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Garden Paradise on the Ringplatz

On 26.05.1932, i. e. 78 years ago the day after tomorrow, “Schwarzer Adler” inaugurated the open-air restaurant area. Read the full article on 26.05.2010 at

For all those, who don’t read Old German fonts, we have transcribed the article into Latin fonts. For all those, who don’t read German at all, please use an online translator.

Das Gartenparadies am Ringplatz
Czernowitz hat wieder seine Sensation. Der „Schwarze Adler“, der immer für Sensationen sorgt und sicher das bestgeführte Unternehmen seiner Art in unserer Stadt ist, eröffnet seinen Garten.
Gartenparadies „Schwarzer Adler“
wird dieses Restaurant-Cafe heißen, das nicht seinesgleichen in Czernowitz hat. Wir hatten Gelegenheit, in Gesellschaft der Architekten und Besitzer den Garten zu besichtigen. Mitten am Ringplatz gelegen, im Hause der Anglobank, ist dieser Garten, der einen Fassungsraum von 1000 Personen hat, ein wirkliches Paradies. Wunderbar geschmackvoll sind die Logen angeordnet, in leuchtenden Farben gehalten, zu denen das Atelier „Vienne“ herrliche kunstgewerbliche Beleuchtungskörper geschaffen hat.
Ein riesiges Tanzparkett (30 Quadratmeter) genau in der Mitte des ungeheueren Gartens gelegen, bietet 100 Paaren bequeme Tanzgelegenheit. Gegenüber befindet sich der wunderschöne Musikpavillon, der nach den neuesten akustischen Regeln konstruiert ist.
Morgen, Donnerstag, den 26. Mai ist festliche Eröffnung.
Korkus, Czernowitz’ Lieblingsgeiger, und seine Blaujacken werden für Stimmung und ausgezeichnete Tanzmusik sorgen.
Die berühmte Küche des „Schwarzen Adler“ ist durch einen echt rumänischen Gratar und Frigar ergänzt, für den ein Gratar-Koch aus Bukarest engagiert ist. Gepflegte Weine, das „Jupiter“-Bier direkt vom Faß, Erfrischungs- und Bargetränke, ausgezeichnete Bedienung werden für einen angenehmen Aufenthalt sorgen.
Tatsächlich das Gartenparadies „Schwarzer Adler“ wird für alle, die von des Tages Müh’ ausruhen wollen, ein wirkliches Paradies sein, für Sie, und ganz besonders für die Bridge-Spieler, für die ein eigener Bridge-Pavillon erbaut worden ist. Das Unternehmen hat ganztägigen Betrieb. Das Frühstück, das Mittag- und Abendessen und die Jause werden im Garten serviert.
Wir wünschen den Herren Brettschneider und Gerstenhaber, die den Mut hatten, in dieser Zeit Czernowitz um solch’ eine Sehenswürdigkeit zu bereichern, den verdienten Erfolg.

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St. Peter Relics.

The Greek Catholic Church on Russka str. exposes relics of St Peter
  brought from Rome. Christians of all groups are invited.
This This is the church of our neighborhood . We feared it and never went in .
 Priest with long robes and hats came in and out.
   My Opa (grandfather) who was divorced and  lived separately from Oma
and was sick of the lungs once told us that the Christian God was a Jew !
  They put him on a cross to die but he came back to life.
    Then he went to Heaven to become a God.
  For this we have Easter every year and paint hard boiled eggs

Peter and all apostles were also Jews . He was a fisherman.
    Jesus could also walk on water.

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Help Identify…

Mimi Taylor writes:

I am attaching a photograph taken in Czernowitz in about 1935.
On this photograph the couple in the middle are my parents, I wonder if anyone can identify the two other women?


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Bakshish Monument in Czernowitz

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Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

GPS: N 048°17’36.4 E 025°57’29.6
SURFACE AREA: 115,847 sqm = 11.6 ha

GPS: N 048°17’36.4 E 025°57’29.6
SURFACE AREA: 115,847 sqm = 11.6 ha
CLEARED AREA: 42,772 sqm = 4.3 ha

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Directory for Czernowitz – For the Year 1936

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Main roads out of Czernowitz.

  West was a good direction – it led to Prag, Vienna, Berlin and
   Therefore the street leading in this direction was called
    And it led , naturally, to the North.
     This was the main street of Czernowitz until the railway.
       After that it became Bahnhofstrasse for the Central Station and now
        it is Gagarina leading into outer space. A T34 tank stands there as
a reminder.
    East was a bad direction – it led to Ukraina and Russia and Asia.
   All the things bad came from there : The Russians ,the Slavs the Huns and
     Also the harsh winters.
      The street in this direction was the Russischegasse which went
South-East, following
    the Prut river leading into Valachia. To come to Russia you had to cross
  the Prut at some point fording the river . Later there were bridges at
Novoselitza ,
  Lipcani and more.
        Crossing these you would come to Russia safely if they didn’t mug
   you on your way.
   The Rumanians changed it Strada Romana – Roman or Rumanian street.
        On the West were the mountains and no major route led through this
Hutzul country.
    The Carpathians climbing to 1000 m. had no easy passes , rivers came
down the
   mountain and at night the wolves and vampirs.
   To the South there were two main routes : the Siebenburgerstrasse and the
    At the fork stood the Kriegersdenkmal , a memorial for the brave
Austrian warriors.
    Kutschumarerstrasse took the name from an insignificant shtetl not far
down the road.
    Later it joined the Siebenburgerstrasse , a german name of Transylvania
     Nothing left for Rumania where these roads ultimately led.
      No Moldova road , no Suceava road ,no Siret road.
      To reach the destination contained in its name ,you had to turn West
     at Suceava
    crossing the Carpathians at the Borgo pass – to Bistritz.
      Then you reached Siebenburgen ,land of the seven castles (or towns) .
        Well, this was Habsburg land and therefore the name.
      The Rumanians changed Kutschumarerstrasse to Bulevardul Regele Carol 2
      but Siebenburgerstrasse stayed  Bul. Transylvania which is


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