How to put a photo in your post

[Under Construction]

So now you’re ready to add some media to your post. Here’s how to add a photo.

Log in, and click on ‘Write New Post’. Fill in a title. Write some text. Put the cursor on the line you want to photo to be on (you can adjust the position later).

Now you need to know where your photo is. Say it is in the ‘My Photos’ folder on your computer. You should also know it’s filename or at least be able to recognize a thumbnail of it. Say the filename is ‘photo.jpg’

Just above the toolbar and on the right side of it, you will see ‘Add Media’ and several icons. If you pass your mouse over the first icon, it should report ‘Add an Image’. Click on that icon.

A dialogue box opens. We’re going to get the image from our computer. Here we DO NOT click ‘Upload files from Computer’, but rather we click ‘Use Browser Uploader’. Click on Browser Uploader. You now should be able to click through various directories on your computer until you find the folder your photo is in. Click on the photo to highlight it and then click on ‘Upload’. Patience here. Then click on ‘Insert into Post’.

You can align the position of the photo by clicking on it (once) to select it and then using the ‘align’ text icons to place it left, right or centre. Now you can add more text and finish your post.

There are other ways to do all this as you can see from the dialogue boxes, but I think this method is the simplest.

See if you can do it. It’s ok to do a test post as you can always delete it later. I need folks to test these things out so I can modify the page. Don’t be bashful.

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