How to make your first post

So, you’ve registered and have received your password and are able to log in. Now what? Well, it’s time to write your first post.

Upon successfully logging in, you are looking at your ‘Dashboard’ screen. On the right side top, you will see a link called ‘Write New Post’. Click on that. You are now looking at the ‘Write’ screen. On the left side you see a ‘Title’ section where you can type the title of your first post. Fill in the title.

Below the Title block, you will see the ‘Post’ block. Beneath the word Post, you will see a tool bar. You don’t have to change anything. Just tab down to the Post section and start typing your post. Some of the tools on the tool bar will look familiar to you. We’ll get to use them in another post.

When you’re finished, sign your name and click ‘Save’ on the right side of the page; then click ‘Publish’.

Now move to the top of the ‘Write’ page (use the vertical scrollbar at the extreme right hand side of the screen. Next to the ‘ Blog’ text you’ll see a tab called ‘Visit Site’. Click on it.

You are now looking at your post on the Blog site. If you scroll down to the end of it, you will see that you can edit it if you find you need to. If you do re-edit your post, you will have to hit the ‘Save’ button again. If you see a message indicating that ‘Your are not allowed to edit posts as this user’, pay no attention to it — everything is OK.

If you try all this and you can’t make it work, leave me a comment describing your problems.


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