Misbehaving Hasidim?

I have taken the liberty of posting here, a post that had been rejected because the moderators closed the original thread. Please feel free to continue the discussion below.

From Charles Rosner:

(I know that you decided to close this thread, but I believe that the following testimony may still go to the List )

Dear Gary,

I have ancestors as well from Sadagura as from Wiznitz. And one of my great-grandfathers from Sadagura even decided in his old age, after his second wife died, to travel to Palestine around 1908-10 so as to die in the Holy Land.

Personally, I was born in Czernowitz and I live in France: I consider myself as a Jewish-Czernowitzer- Frenchman. And, when a Frenchman, an Israeli or a Jew in general misbehaves to the extent of what the Hassid do in Oman, I feel ashamed.

Now, it happens that I travelled via Oman on my way to Czernowitz for the 600-years-celebration, a few days before Rosh Hashanah in 2008. The Hassid arrive there per thousand: just imagine thousands of them in a city smaller than Czernowitz! They own many houses (but certainly not enough accommodation) around the grave of the Tsadik and I can tell you that many of them really misbehave in the city and around.

On the same trip I also made a stopover in Odessa: the big synagogue is located on one of the main streets of the city: there were quite some Jews praying when I got inside. I didn’t notice any policemen stationing nearby the building, whereas I saw quite a few of them maintaining order near the Tsadik grave in Oman.

I was posted in Ukraine 1996-99 and I consider that things slowly change for the better over there. But, even in 1996, there was a Sholem Haleichem statue downtown in Kiev. This doesn’t mean that there are no Anti-Semites, like in every country all over the World, including France and Israel.

This is just to say that there are correct people in every group and others, nationalists and extremists in general, who misbehave with the exception, of course, of the Old-Czernowitzers and their children and grandchildren, who are all and always correct.


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