Galicia and Bukovina Map in Hebrew (1878)

By courtesy of Scholem & Friends, as per information of Yohanan Loeffler from Melbourne, Australia

Excerpted from “Illustrierter Führer durch die Bukowina”, published by: Mandelbaum Verlag

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8 Responses to Galicia and Bukovina Map in Hebrew (1878)

  1. I told you many times that you are a miracol…thanks for the map… In 1978 Bukowina was already 29 “The Herzogtum Bukowina, with the capital Czernowitz”….Glaicia with Lemberg was also an Austrian Province, like Boehmen and Maehren….
    If they have not lost the WW1, may be, we all Czernowitzer are dreaming…..we were still Austrian…if..France,England and USA had better politicians and Hitler never would be cancellor….and if… to many “IF” for dreams…in Czernowitz… we had a word: “If my gandmum would have wheels, she would be a car….”

  2. romers says:

    Looks like Yiddish rather than Hebrew to me… See the bottom left of the map.
    So… which is it?

  3. Irene Fishler says:

    This is sensational and…touching. The “highway” to Lvov ( not Lemberg) is “Derech Hamelech” = the Kingsway.
    The text in the box contains definitions of:
    * 1 degree on the map
    * 1 METER
    * Longitude
    * Latitude
    The artist -geographer is Avigdor Yakob Halevy Horowitz-Meisilsch


  4. Irene Fishler says:

    The text is in beautiful Hebrew.
    Only, the names Galizien , Wolhynien and Siebenbuergen have a Yiddish orthography because of the .

    The artist wrote also that he engraved the map ( copper-engraving?).


  5. Irene Fishler says:

    (Something happened to the phrase )

    …because of the German “e” in these words.


  6. Emily Garber says:

    Please tell us more about the map. Where did you find it? Are there more maps like this one that would cover the area to the northeast (i.e. Volhynia) or others nearby areas?


  7. Yohanan says:

    This map and others have been published at least 5 years ago in:
    they are from:

  8. Janina Wurbs says:

    I bought one in Kraków, several years ago, I think at the Austeria book store.

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