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Czrenovitzer Fraint Mir Heiben on.

@font-face { font-family: “Arial”; }@font-face { font-family: “Cambria”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Liebe Czernowitzer Fraint. Di letste tzwai wochen seinen gevein schvere teig far yeden … Continue reading

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Tribute to Dol and Robert Dauber Dol (Adolf) and his son Robert Dauber were two famous Czernowitzer musicians. Dol Dauber, born on 23.07.1894 in Wiznitz, was well-known as composer, arranger and director of the Dol Dauber Salon Orchestra in the 1920s. Adolf Dauber was very … Continue reading

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