Joseph Schmidt (1904-1942)

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4 Responses to Joseph Schmidt (1904-1942)

  1. jerome says:

    Superb! Thank you Edgar!

  2. Gerhard Schreiber says:

    Wonderful, Jan Peerce and Richard Tucker used the same “cantorial fioriture”, obviously they both started out as cantors.

  3. Nurit BenZvi says:

    I was very much moved by the singing of Schmidt. For me, it has always been exciting to look back into our past and then, return to present richer then before.

    Thank you Edgar for a great Jewish gift to the High Holidays!

    I wish you a Happy New Year to you and your family.


    Nurit BenZvi

  4. Yosef Eshet says:

    I must have fallen asleep I tried to follow the whole Yom Kipur broadcast. Do you have more of it? Anyway Thanks a lot you have become one of the most important contributors to our group.
    Herzliche Gruesse
    Yosef Eshet, Raanana, Israel

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