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Sidi Thal – Glimpses of Yiddish Czernowitz

A film by Boris Sandler and Chana Pollack ( Link: Pictures: Courtesy of Irene Fishler

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Spuren, die vergehen [Vanishing Traces]

This richly illustrated book documents the search for the former Jewish presence in Satu Mare in the Northwest of today’s Romania. In 1944, Satu Mare’s Jewry was almost completely annihilated in the Holocaust. What is left are vanishing traces, mostly ruined … Continue reading

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Professor Richard M. Weiner

Interview [German] with Richard M. Weiner (43:05′) Biography [English] of Richard M. Weiner

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Rose Ausländer reports on the Children’s Holiday Colony in Vijenca (10.08.1932)‏

Kinder-Ferienkolonie Vijenca I. Allgemeine Eindrücke Im Herzen des lieblichen Tales Vijenca, das rings von einer dichtbewaldeten Bergkette umgürtet ist, befindet sich die Kinder-Ferienkolonie. Ihre Initiatoren, Elieser Steinberg, Dr. Meyer Rosner, Prof. Chaim Lecker und Dr. I. Schäfler gründeten sie im … Continue reading

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Virtual Sightseeing Flight Over Czernowitz

In May/June 2010 Julius Großmann from Heidelberg in Germany made a journey through Poland, Ukraine (including Czernowitz), Moldavia, Romania, Hungary and Austria. Nothing of note? Sure! It was a BIKE RIDE: 24 stages (Czernowitz = stage no. 6 on p. … Continue reading

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