Uncle Moses in Czernowitz

In “today’s” (22.06.1932) edition of “Der Tag – The Day” we are reading as follows:

The American Star Guest Appearance of Morris Schwarz

In the Scala: On Monday, 27th of June and Tuesday, 28th of June.

After his enormous success in all major European cities, Morris Schwarz is scheduled to come to Czernowitz too. The announcement of this sensational guest appearance raised, as was expected, tremendous [kolossal/colossal] interest. The admission price is so low, that everybody is able to attend these two artistical shows. Tickets are available at the theatre and concert agency “Carmen-Sylva”.

Please enjoy the video clip of these actor in his movie Uncle Moses from the year 1932!


“Uncle Moses” from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.

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1 Response to Uncle Moses in Czernowitz

  1. romers says:

    My father had just such a ‘shmata’ shop in NYC – the machines were the same, the people looked the same. Absolutely remarkable! Thanks for this.

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