Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

GPS: N 048°17’36.4 E 025°57’29.6
SURFACE AREA: 115,847 sqm = 11.6 ha

GPS: N 048°17’36.4 E 025°57’29.6
SURFACE AREA: 115,847 sqm = 11.6 ha
CLEARED AREA: 42,772 sqm = 4.3 ha

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10 Responses to Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery

  1. romers says:


  2. Bruce says:

    Excellent work, Edgar! These things would be next to impossible to determine without your initiative.

  3. berti glaubach says:

    As a daily reader of Der Tag I can only congratulate you for this further information. It mightl shorten the time, and reduce the expenses for the cleaning of the cemetery by some 8%, as we thought the surface to be 12,5 ha.

  4. Mimi (Miriam) Taylor says:

    My most sincere and copious thanks to Edgar.
    Like with the address books and photographs he has taken of the cemetery before, he does a wonderful job and we all benefit enormously from it.

  5. berti glaubach says:

    Ooops, I forgot the Address books – realy one cannot decide which of your contributions are more important. Please keep surprizing us in the future too.

  6. Bruce Wexler says:

    Thanks so much Edgar. A picture is worth a thousand words… at least!

  7. Irene Fishler says:

    C’est genial!
    Thans,Edgar, for the BONUS.
    The bi-plane must be part of the Google-Map-GeoEye-Transnavicom-Surveyor-Team!?
    Amazing technology!

  8. berti glaubach says:

    Unfortunately Google Maps are redrawn at several years intervals – at least
    in regions were nobody contributes payments – so we will have to wait some time untill the cleaning will appear from “Vogelperspektive”.

  9. Hardy says:

    Google Earth satelite pictures are from September 2009

  10. berti says:

    On my cemetery picture it says January 2007

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