Main roads out of Czernowitz.

  West was a good direction – it led to Prag, Vienna, Berlin and
   Therefore the street leading in this direction was called
    And it led , naturally, to the North.
     This was the main street of Czernowitz until the railway.
       After that it became Bahnhofstrasse for the Central Station and now
        it is Gagarina leading into outer space. A T34 tank stands there as
a reminder.
    East was a bad direction – it led to Ukraina and Russia and Asia.
   All the things bad came from there : The Russians ,the Slavs the Huns and
     Also the harsh winters.
      The street in this direction was the Russischegasse which went
South-East, following
    the Prut river leading into Valachia. To come to Russia you had to cross
  the Prut at some point fording the river . Later there were bridges at
Novoselitza ,
  Lipcani and more.
        Crossing these you would come to Russia safely if they didn’t mug
   you on your way.
   The Rumanians changed it Strada Romana – Roman or Rumanian street.
        On the West were the mountains and no major route led through this
Hutzul country.
    The Carpathians climbing to 1000 m. had no easy passes , rivers came
down the
   mountain and at night the wolves and vampirs.
   To the South there were two main routes : the Siebenburgerstrasse and the
    At the fork stood the Kriegersdenkmal , a memorial for the brave
Austrian warriors.
    Kutschumarerstrasse took the name from an insignificant shtetl not far
down the road.
    Later it joined the Siebenburgerstrasse , a german name of Transylvania
     Nothing left for Rumania where these roads ultimately led.
      No Moldova road , no Suceava road ,no Siret road.
      To reach the destination contained in its name ,you had to turn West
     at Suceava
    crossing the Carpathians at the Borgo pass – to Bistritz.
      Then you reached Siebenburgen ,land of the seven castles (or towns) .
        Well, this was Habsburg land and therefore the name.
      The Rumanians changed Kutschumarerstrasse to Bulevardul Regele Carol 2
      but Siebenburgerstrasse stayed  Bul. Transylvania which is


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